Sunday, 8 June 2014

Trend to try... Culottes!

Sunday, 8 June

I recall a lot of trial and error trousers as a child of the 90's... (let's face it, 70's wide leg trousers were so great, and don't get me started on the fact I missed out on MC Hammer pants in the 80's). Remember those mini-skirt over skinny thigh flare ankle black trousers? What about the Christina Aguilera denim low-rise skinny-come-flare jeans with the criss-cross tie at the crotch (yeah, that happened), or even fast forward to the 00's when skinny jeans appeared on the scene again and everyone kind of freaked out over it, it even took the high street a while to latch on to it and now they are easily most brands' basic buy and a wardrobe essential.

This leads me to the latest in trouser trends, the culottes, don't freak out everyone! Yes they are crazy wide, kind of cropped and perhaps resemble clown trousers as my fella kindly pointed out to me, but fear not, find the Olsen within you and take the plunge, as i've suddenly become a complete convert to them having actually tried them on.

Since last seasons Tibi show where I saw these amazing ones I was intrigued to try them out, but by the time I finally decided to go for it they had already found their way into the high-street, with some really great choices from my usual haunts; Whistles, Topshop and of course, Zara (a.k.a Zibi, Zeline, Zalenciaga) which i'm wearing here. Although they are crease-tastic, and should have been sold with a mini-steamer and/or iron, the price is great considering the runway-esque quality of them.

I'm now off to find a navy pair to satisfy my culotte needs. See my favourite picks and full details of what I wore below! 

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