Saturday, 10 May 2014

Knitwear Numbers

Saturday, 10 May

Confessions of a knitwear fiend. I probably own 50 jumpers too many, if i'm in any store or browsing online I immediately go for the Knitwear section before I look at anything else. This, therefore, is my favourite time of year when all the Winter collections are in final final reductions before being shipped off to some unknown warehouse where I will never find said sweater again *cry*.

I bought this Whistles jumper 70% off a few weeks ago; since it was shown at the A/W presentation I immediately fell in love with it and bought it in black when it went into the first markdowns in December. There were probably more reasons for not needing it than needing it; the thickest angora you can imagine going into summer, the fact I already have it in black, and the fact it's yet another jumper, but in it's wonderful oversized cable knit goodness I caved and bought it anyway.